How to use multiple masters in a presentation

Published time: 2019-11-15

Sometimes we have different styles or page settings in our presentation. Would you like to use a different slide master? Can you do this?

Two slides with different "page settings"

Only one slide master can be used in each presentation, which means that a slide can only have one uniform style, and there can only be one page setup.

To make presentations with different look or page settings (as shown above, one page with horizontal orientation and one page with portrait orientation), use the hyperlink feature to jump to other presentations in a presentation, linked demos Documents can have different design templates and slide masters.

The link method is: select the text or graphic to be linked in the first presentation "May of May.ppt", press CTRL+K to enter the "Insert Hyperlink" dialog box, select the presentation to be linked" Birthday card .ppt", click "OK".