Copyright Notification

Copyright Notice

1. The materials displayed on GGRET are original or shared by users.
2. Original materials: the original materials on GGRET(labeled "For commercial use") are artworks created by GGRET Design Team. Many designers upload their original works to GGRET under their contracts with GGRET. According to the conditions and terms they made with GGRET, users can use the original materials for commercial purposes, but they are not allowed to re-license such materials.
3. Sharing of collaborative users: GGRET has no copyright to such uploaded materials. All images on the website are provided for study and communication only, and they are not intended for any commercial purposes. All users should abide by the copyright law and other related laws and regulations, and they should not infringe upon the legitimate rights of the website and all copyright owners.
4. When any copyright owner makes a claim of infringement and provides sufficient supporting documents, GGRET should investigate the case immediately upon receipt of such notice. GGRET may delete the materials involving infringement or prohibited such materials from being accessed.

Term and conditions for commercial uses

1. Senior members of GGRET can use the uploaded materials for commercial purposes without contributing to the authors.
2. Only copyrighted materials on this website are charged. All uncopyrighted materials can be used free of charge. If you buy any material on the website, you can use it for commercial purposes. Free materials, if marked “commercially available”, they can be used commercially. 

Copyright Notification Guidelines

If you believe that someone has infringed on your copyright or trademark right on GGRET and you want to revoke the right to use the materials, or if you want us to delete the documents originated from you, you should email us so that we can identify the materials incurring infringement. Notice of copyright infringement must meet following requirements: 
1. It must bear the handwritten or electronic signature of the notice issuer.
2. Identify copyrighted works involving copyright infringement; if there are multiple copyrighted works, list them.
3 Describe how your copyright is infringed on, and tell us what measures you wish us to take (for example, delete complete or partial material or modify it)
4. Mark materials alleged to be infringed on, or to be deleted or prohibited from being accessed, and provide sufficient supporting data

Here are the slogans for the initiative -- "Join Us"

Many designers around the world have joined us and made money. 
Benefits in selecting GGRET:
You can retain the copyright of any works uploaded on GGRET.
You can set the price of your uploaded work yourself and 80% profit of each transaction completed on GGRET will be returned to you, and the remaining 20% will be used to cover the cost incurred by the server, the personnel and the third payment agency. 
You can post your works on GGRET or remove it from the platform.
As a fast-developing website, GGRET can extensively showcase your work. The platform will generate a home page for any designer where you can edit your own data and leave links to externals.

Code of Conduct for GGRET

Any piece of work uploaded must be originated by the uploader or with the copyright belonging to the uploader. 
Any purchased work can be used for commercial purposes by the purchaser.
When your account balance exceeds $10, you can apply for cash withdrawal. GGRET uses Paypal for payment.